Magento Custom Development

Begin to see an eCommerce store of a dream, rather than a dream of an eCommerce Store

If you have a dream of setting up your own eCommerce store, then Congratulations you have clicked at the right place! We at AdornCommerce help get your dream re-tailored into an interactive E-commerce store. An experience in the Magento custom development world from the very beginning makes us assert that we are the best team you can find.


Our Methodology

We, in order to develop your business, adopt a variant of agile software development methodology. In other words, it simply means that we make things move quickly, rather than planning for lengthy rundown(rundown what?software?) which are in the way and? totally unpredictable. A serious migration in the area of web development is seen on a daily basis, which is a serious concern for you, we understand. But let your worries rest, because our team of world renowned programmers will make sure that sure that not only assistance is provided to you in the early stages of your decision making but also in latter stages of improvement.

The advantages you get by using our methodology are:

Close Contact between the Development team and the Client:

The domain name? is the ways and means of our methodology that will ensure that both the Development and the client team have a much better understanding of how the application will work and make the process of design for issuing a solution much faster. The results that the client wants to achieve in his endeavour can be better achieved if the clients can ask questions, receive clarifications and ideas can be discussed without any barrier to the communication.

All productive Developers are happy, but some productive developers are happier than others.

Our experienced developers ensure the most unique and creative solution to problems in every project you undertake. Not only that, but if assisted with some creative freedom rather than being tied up to a fixed set of requirements and a fixed quote, our solutions will be more outstanding. Hire dedicated Magento developers at reasonable rates and as per your requirement with flexible hiring modules.


By our experience with the clients we have come to know that some of them do close up in winter because of the high-heat cost. There is a continuous fear of cost expenditure on the project carried out because of the characteristics of the project being executed for the very long period of time. But we can reduce this cost with the use of our agile development in the field. The project you undertake will be continuously refined and managed which will make the outcome possible in a shorter period of time.

Yes, the Change is positive!

The change is definitely positive because of the flexibility of the method which we adopt. While in traditional software development programs change is often delayed because of the very fact that it occurs and is feasible to occur roughly every two to four weeks, the change by our methodology is quite reversed. For us, each and every project of the client is unique because it is based on the needs and requests of them.

Timeline and Project Evaluation

The project timeline can be bifurcated into various components. The first being, the high level milestones which mentions the product release dates. These are then again divided into short term iterations which begins with the kick off meeting, during which the features from the last iteration are tested and evaluated, and a certain new features are chosen for the upcoming iteration.

The iteration kick-off meetings are the time where it is to be looked into that whether the targets set are actually achieved or not. Sometimes it may happen that the expectations of the project are so high that they by no means are in par with the actual development that takes place. We at AdornCommerce make sure that if setbacks or delays in development have occurred, they can be solved by discussing and analyzing them. Further, the steps also will be taken by us to ensure that no such delays occur in future. The status of the project budget can also be verified.

With the methodology used by us, we ensure that there is a close link between the customer and the developer. If the developer has some questions for the customer, then they can ask them and they can inform them of important discoveries. If the customer is displeased with something, this should be highlighted during these meetings

Magento Custom Development Services Plans & Pricing

We are not rigid with the fixed plans and pricing for Magento custom development projects as those are the credentials which are to be decided subject to the client. Each and every client is approached individually and the best suited proposals are prepared keeping in mind their needs. Request a quote by filling out the Contact Us form.

Facing a Magento Challenge?

Let’s resolve it now!

We understand your eCommerce business challenges in Magento and therefore we are here to help you out step by step. Schedule a call with our Certified Magento Developer and get Free Consultation about how to overcome problems you are facing and enrich your Magento store or kick start your own Magento store.