11 Must have features in your eCommerce Store

Any business needs an online digital store to sell quickly and showcase products globally. Also, for establishing a successful eCommerce store, it is equally important to have below features in your eCommerce store. A well-maintained and fruitful store can help you bring more business and more sales, compare to a simple or featureless store. We have come up with the most important features for your eCommerce store. Check out below,

11 must-have features for your online store:

1. Stunning design with accurate images

The very first thing that any visitor will interact with is a design of the website. If they find the design good, they will stay on your website and look into the product list and details. Thereby, you can increase your sell by 35-70%.

2. User-friendly navigation

Any new visitors visiting your store should have a clear roadmap on how he can find a product he wishes to purchase. No complex menu and categories should be present which misguides user.

3. Powerful Search Mechanism

What if any user wants a specific product and how he can reach the page from where he can buy it? No user will like to roam around the website. There should be a powerful search engine from where user can find any product of his wish.

4. Attractive Promotions

Do you want your customers to come again and keep buying things from your store? Simply, you need to offer attractive promotions and discount coupons. You can also give cash back to your loyal customers in form of wallet to retain them.

5. Layered Navigation

The navigation of any online store should have categorized layers. For eg: Men wear > Jeans, T’s, shirts, Hoodie… and so on. Layered navigation helps users to reach their product faster.

6. Neat & Clean Product information

Every product details on a single product page matter. Good images of product, features, configurations, variations,

7. Social Media Integration

User likes your product and want to share with their friends and family through social media or suggest anyone if he/she was looking for similar product then user can share is easily via social share integration in your eCommerce store.

8. Easy to use and smooth checkout flow

No user like to fill in lots of information while checking out for product. Lengthy and useless detail fields will bore out user and he/she will opt out to purchase product from your store. Keep check out flow simpler by using most used
email integrations or social login like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter.

9. Trending and efficient payment and shipping method

People want their delivery as early as possible. Once they have ordered and payment done for anything, they can’t wait and become conscious about getting their order delivered faster. Use fastest delivering services.

10. In detail Sales reports for Store admin

Owner of the store want to see detailed report with most available filters. Any business man needs analytics with different criteria, so he get an idea about what product to sell more, order more from state level vendors and many
other business strategies.

11. Transparent Policies

The more transparent are purchase policies, the more user will feel comfortable to keep buying products regularly from your store. Have a straightforward and easy to understand policies for your customers like return policy, damage policy

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