7 Things to Help Survive eCommerce Industry in Coronavirus Crisis

Many brands are suffering a lot during this coronavirus crisis. While it is our duty to follow the Government call for staying home and staying safe. AdornCommerce experts have come up with some research and study which will surely help to survive eCommerce industry in coronavirus crisis.

Some companies have their products in high demand while other online or offline shops, brands are struggling to get sales. Economy has got unstable and no one can handle this right now but taking wise steps can definitely help surviving in the eCommerce industry until we fully eradicate Covid-19.

7 Things to Help Survive eCommerce Industry in Coronavirus Crisis

1. Don’t just sell to make a profit but show support

Many vendors have started making a profit due to inflation. But think in the opposite way and try to support your customers and not make more profit these days. If you show humanity now, then you will definitely get back results of your goodwill.

A number of huge brands have donated in the eCommerce industry like Alibaba, L'Oréal, Luxury group LVMH and many more.

2. Offer cool and engaging content

Many industries have created lots of content in the form of games, articles, videos etc to help people not get bored in quarantine days. You can create your own brand games and interesting video content that your customers can use, and there are lots of chances you get new customers too.

3. Communicate via different channels

It is obvious that manufacturing supply might have decreased in these days, which directly affects the sales of the eCommerce industry and delivery time and many other unknown factors. In this time, you can use different social channels and media to let your users or customers know about the exact delivery time and help them to not panic.

4. Make your creatives relevant

Show relevant visuals and messages from authenticated sources like WHO. Different ad campaigns and marketing campaign can really help you to reach people from different areas.

5. Nurture existing customers

Despite making new customers, focus on serving the existing one in coronavirus crisis time. In this global pandemic, we need to support each other and try to provide the required amount of necessary products to existing humans.

6. Brand safely and appropriately

Ensure that your ads are not running out of the topic. Consider if you put a travel ad in countries right now, then it will be the most inappropriate ad, as traveling services all around the world have been stopped. So check what products or services you are advertising and also test the context of ads.

7. Use precise targeting tactics

For some vendors and mainly healthcare industries, they should target their keywords and phrases in the direction of helping people who are searching for products to protect themselves in this global coronavirus pandemic.

Using AI tools and NLP, you can get data about who is reading coronavirus related information, and then you can target those people. With this, you will definitely survive eCommerce industry in coronavirus crisis.

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