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What is E-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce literally means business trading done through the internet. The term used to typically describe any type of commercial transaction or business that involves the transfer of information across networks using the internet. It covers a range of different business types of business exchanges trading goods and services between two or many corporations, through to action and music sites to consumer based retail sites. E-commerce allows business and consumers to electronically exchange goods and services, with nothing that buries them lie distance and time.

How has E-commerce grown?

E-commerce has evolved around the globe since mid 0s, however, it’s only recently that e-commerce got attention from business owners and consumers both locally and internationally. Electronic commerce has expanded so fast over a period of years and is predicted to even accelerate and become the most important aspect in the world of business worldwide. In the near future, the boundaries between electronic and conventional commerce will become increasingly blurred as many people are moving sections of their businesses onto the internet. One of the main things that have influenced the growth of e-commerce on the internet is well-known names such as, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon and dell to name a few. These companies have shown sales revenue in their annual reports with no doubt why e-commerce is a very important aspect of commercial nowadays.

Importance of E-commerce

In this fast developing technology business world, e-commerce has made itself as a solid method for directing business. It has proved its importance based on the fact where time is an essence. From the business perspective, time spent during each transaction is reduced, making it easier for you to achieve more transactions at the same time, same day. For consumers, they will save a quality amount of time during transactions because e-commerce steps in place of traditional method which took longer to finish a single transaction. In terms of cost, compared to traditional method, e-commerce is cheaper and affordable. It removes the need of middlemen, which helps in saving money and diverting it to other aspects of your business. With all the world at your hands, you have a wider market to advertise and reach for potential consumers through e-commerce.

Why AdornCommerce?

Today’s consumers buying patterns change every minute, that’s why you need the biggest brands AdornCommerce for its flexibility. AdornCommerce is a fashionable and highly experienced e-commerce company that deals with all Magento problems. We can improve your online sales while at the same time maximizing your gross margins. Our services at AdornCommerce ranges from basic guides for installations to professional advice. A continuous effort to come up with new ideas that will help us upgrade our solution and offer the best e-commerce solutions possible.

At AdornCommerce, we are certified experts and have an exceptional record of helping businesses to find not just their best e-commerce solutions, but the best enterprise level solutions at the right budget. Size is everything, especially in e-commerce. Expenses for security, management of collaboration processes and version control, we help you manage them and expect to make your business smoothly. That’s what AdornCommerce do. We can take the planning for you and make sure your growth is impeded by hardware commitments and superfast internet.

Our company expertise in providing solutions for Magento 1x and magneto 2x. We offer on-demand Magento consultant resources for long and short-term e-commerce development needs. We are able to staff your business development team with Magento to make sure your e-commerce solution is durable and fully optimized for efficiency. We let you leverage our mobile design expertise and Magento wed in order to distinguish your business from competitors, which will increase your revenue. At AdornCommerce, we offer the following services-

Magento Consulting Services

Our Magento consulting services are intended to benefit all business owner who loves data-driven decisions. We take into consideration long-lasting improvements in different areas in your e-commerce with the aim of developing it gradually. AdornCommerce takes steps to ensure that problems caused by revamp or development features do not exist because our services are continuous. What is included in our consulting services?

  • Monitoring issues with Google webmaster/ crawler report tools
  • Google Analytics maintenance
  • On-site and off-site SEO techniques
  • User experience and Reporting
  • Split testing and much more

Magento Design Services

In today’s world, the best option for sellers who want to communicate with their customers is the Responsive web design. With the explosive of ongoing proliferation and growth of mobile devices, we at AdornCommerce make the RWD the best option for these sellers. Our motto “your business, your control over it” is what we believe in. Ext Commerce is user centered, with our graphic designs not centered on visual aspects of design. We also believe in e-commerce websites that intend to produce finished products from raw materials.

Magento Development Services

At Ext Commerce, we help those who have a dream of setting up their own e-commerce store. In order to develop your e-commerce business, we adopt a system that makes things move quickly, rather than taking a long time to plan and rundown. With people migrating every minute in the web area of development, this can be a serious concern for you, but our team of renown programmers will not only provide assistance in the early stages of your business, but also in stages where you need improvements.

Magento Technical Audit

A technical audit is essential if you are experiencing Magento error message, slow page loading, indexing problems, unknown downtime, catching issues and such like problems. All these issues can hinder you from making an effective administration website that may turn out to be unprofitable. AdornCommerce will help examine and identify your technical issues. Our technical assessment team will help fix your technical issues to help grow and scale your business. You can also get an expert individual in-depth analysis with an overview of the state of your store code quality and usability.

Magento 2 Migration Services

Though the previous version of Magento 1x was flexible, Magento 2x is more fun. Because of the lengthy process of upgrading to Magento 2, characteristics of migration might be boring for some business owners. Issues like fast loading and performance optimization have been addressed and fixed in the new version. An upgrade from Magento 1 to 2 adds more efficiency to e-commerce clients, improves performance, flexibility and better support.

Magento Performance Optimization Services

Magento can be running on a powerful server but still perform slowly even though you might be using hundreds of dollars for optimization. Many people are not aware that Magento is a resource-intensive. Each store requires individual professional investigation and our team of certified professional will perform advanced Magento performance audit, server optimization as well as code optimization

AdornCommerce also engages in other services like Magento server migration, Magento upgrade, and Magento technical audit. AdornCommerce consists no professional team of 10+ technocrats who have great knowledge and skills, but work for client's common goal and growth. We have more than 8 years of experience in web design, e-commerce solution, and online marketing.

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