eCommerce Shipping Trends in 2020 - Logistics and Same Day Delivery

It feels just like yesterday how eCommerce shipping trends in 2020 are overlapping the eCommerce world of 2010. There is a complete revolution in the eCommerce business, especially in the logistics and shipping process. Also, the buying experience has changed as new platforms for developing businesses are emerging. From the facts, it says that the eCommerce business has increased by 600% compared to the past decade.

There would be many questions running in your mind like how eCommerce will take place in such a crisis as Coronavirus? How would it be possible for businesses to fulfill orders around the globe? Will there be any new shipping technology emerging? Is it the end of eCommerce, or it will hike faster than earlier times?

Yes, we do not have perfect answers to all these questions, as we are not fortune-tellers. But as discussed with our experts, we can show you here some predictions about eCommerce shipping trends in 2020 by analyzing the data and existing trends.

eCommerce Shipping Trends in 2020

Drone Shipment

The impact of coronavirus on the eCommerce business has made every person awake about health and hygiene. People are choosing not to go and buy, instead, they would prefer to stay home and make an order of anything they need. Even people would not prefer any delivery boy to deliver their products. So here comes drone shipping, which has already started by Amazon in many country areas.

Drone technology can efficiently deliver the products in local areas to customers' doorstep without any human intervention. Customers get notified of order when it is just shipped, and they can take it away by verifying identity.

Same Day Delivery

This has been implemented by many giant vendors, even if it becomes difficult sometimes. Many businesses call it a premium service that charges extra for fast delivery.

According to one source, 41% of customers are ready to pay more for same-day delivery. Companies providing such delivery options have definitely benefited in business.

Shipping Management Software

Managing products in a good format is a must think. It enhances your business productivity and helps you manage stock and listing of products in your digital store. It helps to keep track of every order and status of delivery.


Gifting trends and personalized delivery to third persons has increased a lot nowadays. There was a huge gap between offline shopping and online shopping when it comes to packaging, gifting, tagging, etc. But it has now been decreased after eCommerce businesses have started providing personalization in delivering products.

There are many other eCommerce shipping trends in 2020 going to take place. If you want to stay updated with it, keep following us.
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