How To Implement 2-Factor Authentication in Magento 2?

After the Coronavirus pandemic, most of the employees have been working from home or remotely. And this has increased security issues all over the world. According to Zscaler, a well-renowned security firm, it was stated that hacking threats have increased by 20% in only one month of March. As per the stats of Verizon, 81% of people use weak passwords and which has opened up breaches for hackers. It has become mandatory to implement 2-factor authentication in Magento 2 and other eCommerce websites, as there would be lots of sensitive data manipulation over such sites.

Even Magento 1 support has ended in June 2020 and many vendors out there have not yet migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Magneto 1 has brought vulnerabilities to eCommerce stores and if you have still not upgraded your store to Magento 2 then you are open to hacking attacks and data loss.

Why is 2-factor authentication in Magento 2 important?

2-factor authentication in Magneto 2 will increase security while logging in to the admin panel. It gives you the ability to check who has logged in and at what time.

  • Enable authentication for specific admin.
  • Manage authentication settings for all users or any specific one.
  • Reset setting for user authentication and its auth token.
  • For extended security, “Trust this device” option has been removed.
  • Users can configure their authentication while logging for the first time and receive an email to verify the account.

Install & configure 2-factor authentication in Magento 2

Earlier versions of Magento needed to install a 2FA extension and configure it. If you freshly install the latest Magento 2.4 version 2 FA comes by default as a core part. You can also upgrade the Magento version to 2.4 to get that feature in-built.

Magento's user guide can be referred in detail to configure 2-factor authentication. You can also check in how to manage different user roles as an administrator with 2 FA. Refer to manage user authenticator to review all activities of the user and do actions on it.

The administrator of the Magento store can do the below things;

  • Manage existing authenticator for an individual user account
  • Revoke access from any suspicious devices
  • Particular authenticators required
  • Reset authenticator access to resolve any auth issues

2-factor authentication for admin users

Adobe security operations investigated that most of the attacks on the website were due to compromised passwords and usernames. Hackers load card skimmer on a website and enter the admin panel.

By providing this 2FA layer of extra security will remove skimming attacks and also decrease the amount spent on security operations. Thus, 2FA makes the platform more secure and reliable for multiple users to use on different devices.

Have you implemented 2-factor authentication in Magento 2? Contact us if you need any help with configuring 2 FA in your eCommerce store. We will be happy to help you out and make your website store a more secure and better-buying place for your customers.

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