Why Should Webshop Owners Choose Magento 2 for Online Business Growth?

The world today has become tech-savvy. As a result, people rely on the internet for finding solutions to all their needs more than ever before. In such a scenario, any entrepreneur's biggest mistake is planning to get popular without having a strong online presence.

Statistics have proven that audience around the globe loves to shop online rather than visiting a physical store. Moreover, in the present times, when the entire world is fighting an unending battle against COVID-19, the importance of having an online store increases manifolds.

Building a responsive online store is not an easy task and hence requires a strong platform. Of all the eCommerce platforms available, Magento’s web development services prove to have the edge over others.

What is Magento 2.0?

Magento 2 is the latest version of a popular enterprise-grade eCommerce platform utilized by over 2,00,000 online sellers worldwide. It is believed that every 1 out of 4 eCommerce retailers uses web development services from Magento 2.0 for building their online presence.

A successor to Magento 1, Magento 2 comes with a host of innovative features that help businesses in delivering top-quality online shopping services and an unbeatable experience to the end-users. It is faster and easier to use and comes with top-notch security features and high customization for improved convenience.

How Magento 2.0 Helps In Growing Online Business?

The rapid evolution of the eCommerce industry has left brands looking for a platform delivering a friction-less customer experience that makes them stand out from the competition. Web development services from Magento 2 meet the merchants’ needs and hence are being widely used.

Here are six ways in which eCommerce consulting from Magento is helping brands grow their online business.

Outstanding eCommerce Functionality: Web development services from Magento 2 are gaining popularity among online sellers owing to the vast array of value-adding solutions it offers. The platform is marketed as a high-performance scalable digital commerce solution. Hence, it is widely being used by both large and small-scale businesses for building their online presence.

Magento helps in building scalable online stores that perform well to deliver quality results to the end-users. Magento enjoys a 30% market share in the eCommerce solutions segment owing to its power and flexibility. The quality results delivered by Magento have attracted businesses across the globe to use this web development platform.

Improved Searches: The first thing most online buyers do is search for the product they came looking for after landing on an online store. Thus, the search experience on an online store should not be compromised.

Offering a smooth and accurate search facility helps online stores grow their business. Magento 2's search facility is highly intuitive and delivers real-time results to the users. It also offers access to deliver self-learning results based on users' behavior and search history.

Enhanced Customization: When looking for an advanced web development platform, the flexibility to customize the website plays a vital role. Each online business is looking for a web development platform to expand its business through a well-designed, customized online store.

Hence, a good web development platform does not rely on the "one size fits all" approach. Instead, Magento 2 is an open-source platform that offers advanced customization to its online store merchants, helping them deliver a unique experience to its audience.

Responsive designs, powerful products merchandising options, and a host of Magento plug-ins helps brands in building a tailor-made website that meets the brands' business needs.

Manage Multiple Websites: Once your business starts expanding, you might feel the need of launching more than one website. Thus, if a brand is looking forward to expanding its business by launching multiple online stores, Magento offers the best solution.

Magento allows businesses to manage multiple online stores using a single platform single-handedly. It allows them to manage their customers' details, add product catalogues, and get sales reports. The facility to manage all the stores on a single platform by Magento helps brands save time, energy, and resources, which can then be used for further growth and expansion of the store.

In-built Analytical Tools and Reports: Every business runs and depends on information. The best eCommerce platform is the one that delivers timely data of what the brands' customers are looking for. Magento 2 stands this test of providing quality data.

Magento 2 offers an advanced, built-in, and comprehensive reporting facility. The data delivered by Magento includes sales report, search terms, purchase histories, and left out items in the cart. All these facts help a business improve customer loyalty by finding practical solutions, thereby allowing them to attract more business.

SEO Optimization: Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the growth of an eCommerce store. Lack of visibility results in the loss and closure of many online stores as customers fail to recognize the brand. Unlike other web development platforms, Magento 2 offers required elements, resources, add-ons and features that help a brand improve its site rank in the SERPs.

The flexibility, scalability and customization offered by Magento 2 help brands improve their SEO ranks, allowing the audience to discover the brand organically and help it grow.

Mobile Friendly: Mobile phones today have become an essential part of our daily lives. Majority of the shoppers who prefer buying products and services online opt for mobile devices while shopping online.

Thus, it is essential for online sellers to ensure that their eCommerce store is mobile-friendly. Since most of the shoppers switch to mobile devices for placing orders, online stores need to ensure that the stores are easily accessible for all the mobile users among the target audience.

Magento 2 offers a touch-friendly admin panel, easier catalog navigation and a smooth check-out experience.

Final Note

Modern online businesses have become sophisticated. The shift from desktop to smartphones requires online stores to be mobile friendly as well. Magento 2.0 is one such web development platform that helps in providing a better experience for both the admin and the customers. From key integrations, customization and scalability to responsive designs and globalization, Magento 2 offers it all. It is an excellent eCommerce solution in the current times for digital retailers.

Online retailers should seek eCommerce consulting services from Magento experts before creating a website. A robust, smooth, seamless and well-integrated online platform allows online stores to grow their business manifolds over time.