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Flower Creations is an award winning florist that has been in business in the Toronto area for over 22 years, earning a sterling reputation as a reliable, creative florist. Our business has grown from a small family flower shop business in Toronto into the main destination of quality flowers and plants to many well-known corporations.

Opportunity / Challenge:

  • Our client had specific and nuanced ecommerce needs where an out-of-the-box solution was not viable. AdornCommerce was contracted to implement the custom functionality we needed to satisfy the client's project scope.
  • The solution had to meet the client's unique needs, both for their service offerings, and for integration with an ancient management software platform.


  • We understood, created, and implemented custom ecommerce functionality. Additionally, we managed the custom-built integration system between the website and the client's ancient software platform.
  • The project had one main point of contact, supported by a team of developers who executed the development work.

Technology Stack:

Magento 2, PHP 8 and MySql 5.6.7
Varnish Cache

Results & Client Feedback:

  • The result was a functional and reliable integration, and custom functionality that the client was very pleased to use.
  • Project management was handled on our end, with our PM liaising with their primary contact person. Overall, very effective with no wasted communication.
  • The vendor's team had a thorough understanding of the software involved, and was able to craft and implement effective and efficient solutions without a lot of handholding.
  • There is not much to improve - we are very pleased with the results.


AdornCommerce LLP built a highly functional and reliable custom integration system. The project management was handled by the client, but the AdornCommerce LLP team was very effective. They had excellent knowledge and efficiency.

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Agency Webflow Template - Phoenix Agency - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.com