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ShineRetrofits is a large vendor selling energy efficient lighting products. They specialize in working with electricians, facility managers, and commercial building owners to provide high quality, energy efficient lighting solutions. From the website, customers can view categories and products based on category. The website is built on the Magento 2 community platform. ShineRetrofits aims to build good personal relationships by providing right energy efficient solutions with Honesty, Integrity, and Great service.

Client Requirement

After Magento 1 end of life in June, it is mandatory to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform. The client approached us with his website built in Magento 1. Initially, it was not well optimized for speed and SEO. The requirement was to migrate the store to Magento 2 and clean up the code and optimize it overall. While migrating, care should be taken as it was a live store.

Our Work Approach

We started work by analyzing the whole website and checking the code standards. We started converting the Magento 1 store to Magento 2 by taking care of all things and enabling the website to remain up all the time. All design and backend changes were done by professional developers. We have performed site audit, speed optimisation, Code clean-up and solved many critical issues in site. Now we have been working with Shineretrofits for 4 years.

Number of developers working on this project: 3 Developers (2 Backend Developer and 1 Frontend Developer)


  • Website running on latest Magento 2 version 2.3.4
  • Fully custom design with Responsive & Retina Ready Theme.
  • Less Compilation using grunt
  • Mobile first approach
  • Help you monitor the performance of ads.
  • Quick and Easy search catalog.
  • Clean and informative product page.
  • User-friendly checkout.
  • Cart2Quote.
  • User can easily create quotes and ask for query with minimum detail.


Our main challenge for this site, Migrating From Magento 1 to Magento 2. Shineretrofits M1 site has many customisations. When we got this project before that many developers were working on that, so the code quality was not maintained so well, and it was not up to the standard. In Magento 1, there were 45 3rd party modules purchased from the market and 14 custom modules (developed by a previous developer). So purifying code and maintaining it to the standard was one challenge.

Another challenge was that there was one large module called cart2quote (It was purchased from a 3rd party vendor. But as per the client requirement that module extended so much with a lot of customisation). The all business and work running on cart2quote module. So migrating a website to Magento 2 with this module and maintaining its functionality was a challenging task. We asked original developer of that module to give support, but we got reply that it is next to impossible, but we managed to do it successfully by developing good quality of code and with zero downtime.

We finally migrated the Project successfully with all customer and sales data along with cart2quote module.

Technology Stack

PHP 7.3 and MySQL 5.6.7
Redis Cache

Need To Know

Till date Project is expanding and adding new features and maintenance is continued. We are increasing website power feature wise and technology wise to take this business to the next level. We are developing a B2B module and launching soon. Any business owner can register into the site and select the products from the catalog. Also, the owner can create/add a manager to allow purchase from his/her selected catalog.

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Agency Webflow Template - Phoenix Agency - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.com