Automate eCommerce Tools Using Artificial Intelligence

Considering that you already know about Artificial Intelligence(AI), we will drive you through how to automate eCommerce tools using AI. The new research in AI about hunt for new particles which can create science in new ways have brought huge revolution in the technology industry.

We will today dive deep in how AI can work for eCommerce websites and help in growing sales tremendously. There are lots of things happening in the background like queue processing, filtering, fulfillment of orders, order tracking, When user order any product, they go away from website and wait for their order. The question arises that how AI plays the role even when user if offline? Or how it can enhance the user experience.

Ways to automate eCommerce tools using AI

1. Voice Enabled Search Engine

Every 2 people in 5 are using voice enabled searches. Voice searches are faster than typing and customer’s time is not wasted in typing product names which they are searching for. The AI technology transforms the voice information into personalized search results of the products. This is how customers get faster results.

2. Image Enabled Search Engine

It has always happened to everyone that they have an image of the product but don’t know the name. As a result, user type the whole description of product and try to search for it. Many times they get the product, while sometimes they are not able to get the exact product.

While AI image search engine helps you screen the image and get the same products result as the image if it is available.

3. Deep AI Search Results

When a customer doesn’t know the best product category and searches the product in the hope of getting best matched products, they might not get the best results for the sake of delivering performance based search results.

AI can help to get category based results. It processes the algorithm and gives the best relevant results. Hence, proved to be one of the best tools to automate eCommerce tools using AI.

4. Enhance Sales Process

The sales agent can definitely improve sales process and generate more conversion. But an employee as a sales person can work up to 8 hours in a day, and what if customers come in non-working hours? Here is where AI chatbot comes into existence and help customers in their buying process with its intelligence and human nature learning algorithms.

5. Product Recommendation Engine

Your store can sell more if you do upsell or down sell. AI recommendation engine have revolutionized the way people go shopping. AI machine analyses user data and user searches and recommends relevant products.

6. Customer Targeting Funnels

User clicks on ads more when the product or services is of their interest. By understanding customer data, you can target them efficiently. AI can process all user data and make the right product selection for every user on the website.

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