Magento 2 vs Shopify : Which is a Better eCommerce Platform For You?

When you think of starting an online eCommerce business from the top 10 Profitable eCommerce Business Ideas, selecting the right platform for selling products is the most important part. There has been a long discussion on Magento 2 vs Shopify after the Magento 1 end of life in June and release of Magento 2. So today, we will take you through a detailed guide on selecting the ultimate platform for your eCommerce business.

There are lots of eCommerce platforms like Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Starting with small business or taking the big business online, you might have lots of eCommerce platforms to choose from. But questions like which would be the best-suited eCommerce platform for your business? Which platform will help you to grow your business? Which platform will allow you to add complex features without any hindrance? To answer all these questions we will discuss Magento 2 vs Shopify which are the biggest eCommerce platforms.

We will try to highlight the main differences between Magento 2 and Shopify in accordance with features, project expansion, loading time, etc.

Magento 2 vs Shopify - Costing

Magento 2 is an open-source framework that can be installed and developed as per the requirement. Also, the enterprise edition is available for Magento 2 whose cost depends on what modules you want to add in your live store.

Shopify is SaaS based eCommerce online software. Users have to pay a monthly subscription fee based on what plan they have chosen. There are a 90 days free trial and after that, the user needs to pay from $29 to $179 based on whatever plan you have chosen.

Magento 2 vs Shopify - Popularity of Magento 2 and Shopify

According to statistics, Magento 2 has acquired 12% of the total online eCommerce website, while Shopify has acquired 20% online stores on the internet. Magento is still very famous amongst eCommerce owners as it provides greater customization and extensions.

Magento 2 vs Shopify - Hosting requirements

Magento is a self-hosted solution, while Shopify is hosted by the company itself. Magento's users can choose any hosting as per their need, while Shopify users have no other option to use the same hosting that the company provides.

While hosting is an important part of an online store, it is necessary to select a good hosting provider like SiteGround or Hostgator.

Magento 2 vs Shopify - Theme Options

While creating your brand on the internet, you need a good design and an impressive layout that people can remember and recall.

Free and premium themes are available in both Magento 2 and Shopify. Shopify has a limited number of theme options, while Magento has a huge number of themes developed by certified Magento developers around the world.

You can also create your own custom Magento theme as per the requirement. For which you might need an expert Magneto development company that can handle both design and development.

Magento 2 vs Shopify - Extensions and Apps

While Magento and Shopify are being used most for eCommerce stores, it has to offer a number of add-ons which enhance the store's functionality.

Both Shopify and Magneto have extensions to add more features on the website. Shopify is more like WordPress with lots of additional apps free and paid. Some might require little knowledge of coding, while some are one-click installable apps.

Also, Magento has extensions available free and paid as well. Magento has thousands of extensions which also includes a call for price and gift cards and many more.

Magento 2 vs Shopify - Payment System

You can get more sales only if you have a safe payment system. User will complete the transaction only if he/she finds safe and thus your business will be proven to be successful.

Magento 2 and Shopify both offer safe and secure payment gateways. Shopify has its own payment gateway system. If you use default Shopify Payments then you need to pay no more fees, but if you want to collect payment via any other payment gateways then you will have to pay some amount to Shopify for every transaction.

While in Magento, you can add any payment gateways, but it might require some other skills as it is not hosted by the company itself. You might need to hire a certified Magento developer to accomplish your task. Here, you need not pay any extra amount on every transaction.

Wrapping Up

So from Magento 2 and Shopify, which is a better eCommerce platform for you? Magento 2 provides full-fledged customization, so if you want to start a new business or expand your business online then you should go with Magento 2 as it provides a very secure environment and features rich extensions and themes.

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