Start Online Delivery Business In COVID-19 Pandemic

Online business has been boosted up in COVID-19 pandemic and there has been a major impact of coronavirus on eCommerce business. In this phase, many small and big businesses have been affected because of fewer customers on their offline store. What if such businesses start online delivery businesses to deliver products at customer’s place safely?

The percentage of people purchasing things online has increased by 8.8% and the overall online purchase has been increased by 52% in the year 2020.

Major eCommerce vendors like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazaar, D-Mart, etc have increased their delivery system and have hired more employees for work and helping people to get useful things delivered home safely.

Businesses like online grocery stores, catalog stores, online clothing stores, food delivery applications have hiked their business in this COVID-19 pandemic. Small or big businesses are moving towards online business and delivering products to the customer’s places. There is no other point from where you can start an online business with Magento 2.

Many doors have closed but many doors of opportunities have also opened with online delivery business. Business categories like courier services, grocery stores, online food applications, wholesale and retail online business, emerging zero-contact delivery business, and many other have been impacted.

Online grocery store and contactless home delivery

At a time of covid-19 pandemic and lockdown situation, all businesses were closed but the profit and revenue earned by online grocery store owners is maximum. As food and basic human needs are the must which needs to be fulfilled first and here they won by serving home delivery of products.

Amazon has also started delivering grocery items to home and also they provide great discounts. There is an increase in downloading online apps from Walmart in the USA, to buy things online.

Start your online grocery delivery business with Magento 2 and you can not only generate revenue but help people from deadly coronavirus. You can keep categories and list products category wise so it becomes easy for users to buy products.

Speedy online delivery business

Definitely, the speed of delivering items have decreased tremendously, but there are businesses who have geared up their delivering process by taking proper safety measures. Below given is the list of things people are doing and taking care of,

  • Regular use of sanitizer in hands
  • Regularly sanitizing workplace
  • Delivery and packaging both should be contactless
  • Everyday employee checkup

As coronavirus cannot remain for more time on packaging material, it has been good for courier and online delivering businesses to make it completely safe and achieve speedy delivery.

Online retail business

Retail business can be started online as people are opting more to remain inside and get their needful products. If you have space and inventory management, then start selling online by developing the Magento website.

Amazon has taken decisions to hire 1 lakh people like lots of people have lost their jobs and expanded the business by fulfilling the increasing needs of customers.

Wrapping up…

Want to start your own online delivery business? Contact us to hire an eCommerce web developer and get your store ready quickly and start generating revenue from it.

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