Top Magento Development Trends in 2020

According to W3tech stats, Magneto acquires 1% of the Internet websites. This seems very less but if we say that there are 1.5 billion websites on the Internet then eCommerce platforms like Magento can be said to have great dominance. So it is obvious that we should consider top Magento development trends in 2020 and build a full-fledged Magento store.

So if you have already migrated your Magento 1 website to Magento 2 then you can follow amazing Magento development trends in 2020 and make your store stand out of the box. In this competitive market, following top trends enables you to get more sales as people always look for good change.

Top 7 Magento development trends in 2020

1. Integrating Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Who does not like personal treatment? Buyers love customized product suggestions, and you can get more sales in real. These ways provide efficiency and generate a strong customer base. It will improve your store’s overall performance.

2. Personalized Experience

Magento is famous for its advanced features, and people use it more because of its personalized experience through third party extensions. To create loyalty, you need to offer your customers products which are liked or searched for by them, or you can upsell and down sell on the basis of products they have put in the cart.

3. Using Material Design

Material design is a new trend and Google has released it in 2014 which is now being used by most of the websites. It provides a great card view, shadows, padding and grid system which makes very responsive websites and gives a great material design feel.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Will your products in the Magento store increase in the future? If yes, then this feature is awesome for your store. It creates a 3D effect while scrolling, and it seems like the background of the website is moving slower than the front product list. Thus, you can provide engaging UX by using parallax effect in your website.

5. Push Notifications

Push notification can really bring you customers back to your store. By sending new offers, discounts, season sales through push notifications can help to alert users who have already visited your store and subscribed for notifications.

Magneto can be very helpful in sending push notifications like new offers, reminders, wish list discounts, product availability.

6. PWA feature

People don’t like to install apps sometimes, as it acquires more space in mobile. You can give save as a bookmark option to your regular visitors and convert your store in PWA(Progressive Web Application). With PWA, users will be able to access your store just like a mobile app without utilizing more space.

7. CTA Placements

Call to action is a very soft part in your website. It is a section from where your visitor can be converted into a customer. It should be designed and placed precisely.

According to research, it is said that users read CTA content while reading other content on websites. So if you have not well-designed and organized a CTA, then you may lose customers.

It is always a challenge to remain updated with the latest technology, and Magento helps in better ways. So Magento development is mostly recommended for eCommerce business. If you need expert consultation regarding your existing Magento store or new Magento business startup then you can reach us by filling this contact form or just drop an email to

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