How To Convert Customers To Buy From Your eCommerce Store?

You can get lots of traffic to your website, and it is good for SEO purposes. People come to your website via any medium like Facebook ads, Google search, other social media platforms, WhatsApp, affiliate links etc. but what if they come and do not buy any products? At last, you are at loss, even after putting in a lot of effort to get the traffic to your website. A question remains intact about how to convert customers to buy from your eCommerce store?

Let’s discuss core points for an eCommerce business and to get more sales in no time.

5 ways to convert customers to buy from your eCommerce store

1. Optimization

Your web store might have hundreds of pages of different products, or the number might be small if you are focused on selling a brand product of your own. In both situations, each page of your website should be optimized thoroughly. It should be designed in a way that it satisfies visitors and helps them to make a purchase.

2. Visuality

Psychology plays an important role in human minds while they are on your website. Proper CTA, with crisp headlines, attractive graphics and cool color, definitely makes a difference. Psychology of color utilizes human feelings and provokes them to make a purchase.

Orange — energetic, playful, affordable
Red — aggressive, urgent, passionate
White — clean, innocent, healthy
Green — growing, prosperous, natural
Black — sophisticated, edgy, mysterious
Brown — rustic, stable, manly
Yellow — friendly, happy, attentive
Gray — formal, gloomy, traditional
Blue — trustworthy, inviting, calming
Purple — luxurious, royal, sensual
Pink — youthful, feminine, romantic

3. Testimonials

People double trust when they see someone else buying the same product and reviewing it as a good product. Always try to get as many reviews as possible from your customers after their purchase. It will help you in both ways, if it is a good review you will have it to show other customers and if it is a bad review it will help you to improve your products.

4. Loyalty Points

If any customer is always purchasing things from you, then considering him as a loyal customer you should definitely offer some gifts, discount coupons, etc. This will help you to get customers back to your website whenever he is in need of any products that you offer.

5. Seasonal and Festive Offers

This is one of the best ideas to get customers in bulk and then you can get their contact information to sell things in future via email marketing. First, you need to offer great discounts and offers for a short period of time, then you can get customers back if they really like your product.

Try these ways and let us know in comments how it went for your eCommerce business. Do you want to get a free consultation about how to optimize your web store and generate more sales? Reach us out at or contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.