Magento 2 Performance Optimization

Magento is a very resource-intensive system- of which very few are aware. Even though your Magento is running on a quite powerful server, you are spending hundreds of dollars a month for its optimization, but it is still performing slowly. The only reason behind this is the lack of awareness about it being resource-intensive. This situation is common when Magento is installed on an expensive holding or VDS server without any performance optimization and server settings.

Each store is unique and requires individual professional investigation. Most speed bottlenecks are connected with the architecture of your custom modules, not optimized code, and sometimes Magento core behavior. This is why we recommend entrusting the job to a certified team that can perform advanced Magento performance optimization, code optimization, and server optimization.

Most hosting providers speed up your store based on additional configurations of the server environment (install PHP cache or change specific web server settings). Usually, it works great, and we also perform such optimizations. However, if the problem is in the Magento core or 3rd party Magento modules, you need a team of certified Magento developers with experience in Magento core architecture and performance optimization. In most cases, the server environment and Magento code need tweaking simultaneously to achieve the best possible performance.

Our team will perform complex analyses of your store, including server and Magento speed optimization.

At AdornCommerce, Magento performance optimization includes:

  • Server environment checking:
  • Our specialists will fully check your server environment and provide settings that will work best for your store.
  • Front-end optimization:
  • Sometimes your store can be slow due to the incorrect development of front-end features; for instance, if there is heavy JavaScript/CSS or the markup of your store is not optimal. Our certified front-end developers can also solve these problems.
  • Magento profiling:
  • Magento profiling is a great feature that can locate almost all performance bottlenecks in your Magento store. Our specialists can perform a profiling investigation of your store and locate and resolve performance problems.
  • Magento settings checking:
  • Our specialists will locate bottlenecks caused by incorrect/not optimal Magento settings and solve these issues.
  • Magento code optimization:
  • Very often, speed problems in Magento are caused by 3rd-party modules or conflicts between the modules. Our experienced Magento developers can locate these problems and resolve them.
  • Database performance:
  • We will record all slow queries in your database and will analyze them. After that, we will optimize MySQL queries as fast as possible.

Another side of the speed-up process is the configuration of the server environment. Our specialists can consult you regarding choosing hosting/hardware as well as configuring the existing environment:

  • Nginx webserver installation:
  • Our experience shows that using an Nginx web server for a Magento website is one of the fastest solutions nowadays. Using Nginx can dramatically increase your store performance.
  • Advanced server caching:
  • Many great caching technologies exist, such as Varnish, Redis, etc. For each unique store, we choose the combination of caching modules that will work best for that individual Magento store.
  • PHP tuning:
  • Installing additional speed improvement modules for PHP, such as APC, etc. can also increase the speed of your store. Besides that, we implement Magento-recommended PHP settings that have been fully tested on thousands of successful stores.
  • MySQL tuning:
  • The performance of the MySQL database also can be a weak point of your system. Our specialists will apply the recommended settings for MySQL and fully test the MySQL performance.

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