Magento Technical Audit

Maintaining one’s luxuries in the best possible way is a common practice for every individual. Similarly, an E-commerce website requires regular check-ups to ensure its smooth functioning. Even though we provide you with the best services, getting feedback from a third party is always advisable. Such feedback can add to the efficiency of your online store.

Suppose you’re facing issues like a slow page or admin load, error messages, orphaned transactions, product or category listing issues, caching problems, indexing issues, Cron scheduling failures, unknown downtime, or checkout problems. In that case, it’s essential to conduct a Magento technical audit. These issues can hinder effective website management and potentially cause harm to your business.

AdornCommerce’s technical assessment is a comprehensive review that helps you identify and fix potential technical issues that could hinder the growth and scalability of your online store. Our experienced auditors thoroughly analyze to determine whether best practices were followed during the development and data entry. This assessment ensures that your store is free of any obstacles, providing you with a clear understanding of your online store’s health.


What you’ll get with our Magento Technical Audit

AdornCommerce’s Magento eCommerce technical audit provides you with an expert and in-depth analysis, including a comprehensive overview of your store’s code quality and overall usability.

  • An executive summary of findings with priorities and a quick overview
  • 3rd party extensions preliminary review
  • A detailed explanation of findings and suggested solutions
  • Database integrity review (to ensure that data is recorded exactly as intended)
  • Top priorities for your developers
  • Code quality review (systematic examination of your store source code)
  • Analysis of potential Magento core system modifications
  • Speed and performance analysis (HTTP requests, optimizations, expire headers…)

By a technical assessment, the client not only gets information about the problems the store is facing, but also this assessment by AdornCommerce helps them to gain valuable information and ideas for setting up future plans to improve sales and conversion drivers.

We ensure that our analysis respects the uniqueness of your business by avoiding the use of an automated process that is applied in every case. Our goal is to provide personalized recommendations based on the actual condition of your site.

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