WordPress Development

WordPress Development

We provide Custom WordPress Web Development services to help you maximize what this CMS can do. We customize plug-ins and integrate API to make a website more responsive in any browser and device. Through this, we will enhance user experience which drives more organic traffic and facilitates leads and sales conversion.

Our WordPress Development service is extensive. We take care of the configuration and installation of a faultless and complete the WordPress website designed and developed according to your needs. After the launch of your site, we’ll help you monitor its functions. We’ll install protection from malware, and rectify troubles that interfere with your website’s performance.

WooCommerce Development

We provide WooCommerce development and management for your WordPress website. Using this plug-in, we can help you create an online store in which you can promote your products to a bigger audience. Together, we can work on designing your store’s interface so that customers can navigate it easily.

With this plug-in, we can help you build checkout pages and secure your customer’s payments. We can also work on shipping options and labels. We can connect with other sites so we can feature promotional adds to enhance your online presence. Think of all the shops you buy from online. We can create the right for you using this plug-in.

WordPress Customization

We’ll help you pick the best theme suitable for your brand and its target audience. We ensure that all themes are versatile and inclusive.

This means that we can provide you with any captivating theme that is compatible with all platforms so that users can easily navigate your site using any device.

We also optimize the contents of your webpages to make them rank higher in search engine results. We use tools to identify the keywords that are attractive to web crawlers so they can find your pages easily and make them appear more in searches.

After customizing your WordPress website, remain available to solve any hitches and snags you may encounter along the way.

WordPress Migration

In case you’ve already used other CMS, we’ll help you with the migration. We not only build websites from scratch; we also provide web modification and enhancement services. With our help, you can migrate from any other CMS to WordPress.

From there, we’ll identify aspects that need to be rectified and make upgrades to make your content more organized and manageable.

The migration will be secure and seamless, thanks to our talented team. Once the job is complete, we’ll take over monitoring and maintenance. We stay vigilant about your website’s functions. We’ll give you notifications regarding any issue we detect, and we’ll resolve them right away to restore seamless end-user experience.

Performance & Speed Optimization

No matter what content you have on your website, you will lose site visits if your web pages take too long to load. We help you avoid this through our Performance & Speed Optimization service.

We help create the right formats for your graphic and video content. The format of content can affect its compatibility with platforms and devices, and the speed at which the page loads. Choosing the right format can maximize the speed and accessibility of your website in any device.

Data Migration

If you want to transfer to another CMS, we can help you migrate from WordPress. We can assist you in backing up your website files, export and import your WordPress database and upload it in the new host safely and efficiently.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We make sure that the architecture of your WordPress website facilitates an excellent user experience. We conduct thorough research via surveys and interviews to identify user preferences so we’re better guided on the steps we should take.

Survey results give valuable and reliable insights that help us make sound decisions regarding interface designs and web content. Aside from that, we use tools, such as Lookback and Optimal Workshop, to test the performance of your website.

This activity helps us see what it’s like to be a user. Through this, we identify what needs to be removed, added, and enhanced to make your website more appealing and agreeable.

Support & Maintenance

The Code Enrich team doesn’t leave clients behind. We are dedicated to helping you build your brand through your website. So, we’ll take care of monitoring and maintaining your website’s functions while you focus on your business.

We’ll install malware protection to keep your website safe. Don’t occupy yourself with any website-performance concerns because we’ll take care of it.

You can expect us to give you reports on any concern we encounter to reassure you that we always keep an eye on your online presence.

A/B Testing

To enhance the user experience, we conduct testing with different variants of your website. Using WordPress, we make two versions of your website and see how each of them performs.

This method allows us to see which version delivers the results you want. Also, it helps us identify which aspects do and don’t work so we can combine certain elements in the final version.

We can do launches with the two variants to see how the users react. This is an effective exercise to see the actual effect of the website on the market.

We can determine which variant receives more visits and facilitates customer mobility through the value process/sales process.  It’s a foolproof way to build a results-oriented website.

Site Audit

We help you polish your WordPress website to make sure it’s error-free and optimized. We run backups to secure your site’s updates. We also examine the site to detect and repair broken links.

Then, we maximize its speed by sweeping for bugs and making sure the contents are in the right, versatile formats so they’re easily readable in mobile devices. Next, we install the security on your website to make it safe. Also, we make sure your contents, including your contact information, are up-to-date.

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