Magento 2 Server Migration

After your web store has begun to grow, the next logical step is to migrate to a more powerful hosting server. However, migrating from Magento to a more powerful hosting server can be a challenging task involving many technicalities.
Many instances have been recorded where the owner has ordered and paid for a new and powerful hosting server but still needs to be more knowledgeable about where and how to start the migration process. If this migration is attempted without the help of professionals with the necessary tools and experience, the owner may face serious problems.

Magento server migration to a new server is a simple task once you have entrusted yourself with AdornCommerce. AdornCommerce and its team of first-class specialists ensure your migration quickly and loss-free. We will carry out this migration process in the shortest time any service provider takes. The result for you, finally, will be that it will run a lot faster.

Magento 2 Server Migration

Migrating a Magento store from one server to another can be challenging. However, with the help of Magento developers at AdornCommerce, you don’t need to worry about all the hard work. Such tasks require the expertise of a professional who can handle them with care.
All extensions must be evaluated to ensure they work seamlessly after the server migration. Handling URL structure and SEO rankings properly is important, as they are the most sensitive aspects of the migration process. At AdornCommerce, we take care of all these critical elements to ensure a smooth and successful server migration for your Magento store.

We check that the Magento server migration process takes place smoothly without putting both client and us in to difficulty. We promise to check into every step and become the reason of successful transition.

At AdornCommerce Magento Migration Service includes:

  • Testing new hosting to make sure it is compatible with your store
  • Configuring new hosting
  • Moving the database and storing files to a new hosting
  • Stopping your store services on the previous hosting and enabling required services on a new one

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